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The Travel Authority

Travel Authority is a top-tier brand dedicated to offering world-class travel experiences at affordable prices. The brand aimed to develop a website that appeals to people of all ages, with a user-friendly and seamless design.

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The Problem

We recognised that the paramount challenge in the travel industry is establishing trust and credibility. In a landscape saturated with a multitude of travel packages offered by various websites, the absence of credibility often results in disappointing customer interactions.

By placing a strong emphasis on enhancing website usability, we enable users to seamlessly book their desired trips and access instant information through the website. This commitment to user-friendly navigation and efficient communication ensures that our customers enjoy a trustworthy and satisfying travel experience.

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High Definition Images

One often overlooked aspect of travel websites is the importance of high-quality images. Travel Authority specifically requested large destination images, and we successfully implemented this feature while ensuring that it had no adverse effects on page load times. Additionally, we maintained a mobile speed of over 90%, contributing positively to their SEO rankings

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Increased Conversions

We aim to 2x conversions based on the streamlined design, which focuses on a robust site structure, user-friendly navigation, and a variety of compelling calls to action.

Furthermore, in contrast to other websites, Travel Authority employed an API system that directly showcased destinations, eliminating the need for reliance on an agent.